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“The moment I opened Motherlands by Natasha Garrett, I knew this book would resonate with the feeling of rootlessness that has defined my adult life. Garrett, a Macedonian by birth, has spent her adult life in the United States, and the book’s nine essays explore the way her cross-cultural life has defined her, especially as a parent. While I have always lived in the United States, my husband’s career as a military dentist has led us across the country, thousands of miles from our support network. Despite the many aspects of our lives that vastly differ, Garrett’s feelings of displacement and cultural uncertainty echoed many of my own experiences.” 

-by  Lorren Lemmons

In this collection of personal essays, Natasha Garrett explores various facets of the modern migration experience. Weaving academic and literary sources, as well as personal and professional experiences, Garrett uses transnationalism as a springboard for discussing topics such as home, motherhood, identity, bilingualism, family, education and travel. The essays in Motherlands offer a well-researched, witty and heartfelt look into migration both as a global phenomenon and as a deeply intimate experience.